Introducing Baby Q

The last time I posted I was asking for freezer meals to cook for after our little girl arrived. The freezer meals are now long gone and this new mama of two has her hands full!

Meet our beautiful little girl.

She was born at home on September 30th weighing 8lb 6oz after just 3 hours of spontaneous active (posterior!) labor 2 days after her 'due date'! Our days since have been filled with naps, nursing, snuggles, smiles and just recently, giggles!

Definitely worth the wait! We are all so in love.


Anna said...

she is gorgeous! congratulations!

Sarah Bollman said...

Lots of love to you guys!

Perogyo said...

Congrats Zaira, she's gorgeous!

Nad yah said...

MashAllah so beautiful May Allah bless you& your family & keep u blessed! Ameen

Much love&prayers
Nadyah H
(someone who follows yr posts &simply love yr homey ideas:)

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