Sew Your Own Fitted Diapers ~ Rainy Days Diaper Pattern

If you're looking to sew your own stash of cloth diapers and like the idea of one-size diapers but not the bulk the Rainy Days Diaper Pattern might be for you!

The Rainy Days Diaper Pattern is sold by EmPem Creations on Etsy. She doesn't currently have anymore listed but I bet if you send her a message she'll list one for you! 

I was really impressed with this pattern. It comes in 2 sizes, offering the convenience of a one-size system without the bulk.

Size 1 fits babies roughly 6-18lbs and size 2 goes from 15 to 35lbs. I made six size 1 diapers this weekend for our newbie on the way.

The diapers themselves are very quick to put together and seem to be very trim fitting. They are narrower through the crotch than other patterns I have tried which is especially great for newbies!The diaper on the right is a size 1 snapped down to the newborn rise setting while the one on the left is more of a small rise setting (both size 1)

The rise is adjusted using snaps on the front of the diaper 

If you don't have access to a snap press or just can't be bothered with snaps (which I can't be sometimes) you can make the diapers out of a fabric like bamboo terry or sherpa that can be held together with a snappi - velours and flannels do not snappi but you could use pins if desired

Snappiable fitteds like the one above actually have a higher level of adjustability/are more customizable than those with snaps or velcro so they may fit longer than those with set sizing settings

The soaker can be made into either a snap-in soaker or just left as a lay in soaker. I prefer simple lay in soakers as I have found that fabric quality around the snaps can be compromised if the soaker is left attached during washing and I am not one to remember to separate the two! I also think it is more comfortable for baby to not have snaps in the back of the diaper.

If you're just learning how to sew diapers this is a great pattern for you. The included instructions are extremely thorough and have lots of photos; I was excited to learn something new from them too and now have a foolproof way of serging diapers and inserts perfectly every time! And to top it off the pattern is only $8! I have paid way more for patterns that I don't think I like nearly as much as this one.

Aren't they cute!?!

Opinions expressed in this post are my own. I didn't receive anything to write this post, I found and paid for the diaper pattern myself; I just thought there might be other mamas out there looking for a good diaper pattern and was excited to share!


Jamie said...

Those are so super cute. Thanks for the rec! Hope to be sewing some in a few months too!

Julie said...

Oh, I love these! Thanks for the link!
Following from the blog hop!

cloth nappies said...

It looks really cute I'm sure that my sister will love these.

kaceyjewel said...

Those are so super cute. Thanks for the rec! Hope to be sewing some in a few months too!
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Krish Banzet said...

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Prudence said...

I know I'm a latecomer here...if I'm trying to sew on tons of snaps, is there a way to do that with a sewing machine that's faster? (Probably dumb question.) I am pretty new to sewing but have others that can help me out if such a thing exists! :)

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