Homemade Mama Cloth

Mama cloth can save you a lot of money, time and hassle over disposable pads or tampons and are so much comfier and cuter than paper options too! Making your own can save you even more especially if you already have fabric like flannel, old t-shirts, toweling or diaper making fabrics around like I did!

Today I finished up my first batch of homemade mama cloth using a pattern I bought off Etsy. I started with free patterns found online but found them to not be quite what I was looking for and I couldn't be bothered wasting my time on trying to make them better. So I just paid the $6.50 for the Love My Lady Cloth pattern and I'm really happy I did!

Using the pattern I made 3 wool backed regular pads and 4 liners for general use. They are flannel with zorb and bamboo inner. I love that the pattern allows you to use scraps for the wings, especially since I lost the wings to that middle one there and had to whip up a couple more from some small bits of flannel I had leftover

I also made 4 PUL backed organic bamboo velour pads for postpartum use. 2 have them have pockets on top for adding more absorbency or icepacks! The core is 2 layers of zorb sandwiched between a couple layers of bamboo fleece (which is so incredibly soft by the way!!)

If I can work up the courage to work with the PUL again I will make a few more postpartum pads, though I may just make some with wool backing for more breathability anyway. I definitely plan on making a handful more regulars and probably some regular/heavies too. I am out of cute flannel though and am trying not to buy any more fabric! Trying...


Lisa said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I am planning to make these soon because I know I can save a lot of money! These are by far the best looking ones I have seen. I appreciate the link to the pattern too!

Thanks for hooking up to the "Made From Scratch Blog Hop".

The Way Grandmama Does It

littlefawn said...

I just was reading your post. Very informative. But I was wondering what kind of "wool" backing did you use? and where would you get it?

Zaira said...

hi there! I used wool interlock that I got from Nature's Fabrics - they have a lot of different wools to choose from!

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