Meal Plan Monday

We're still eating out of our pantry and freezers this week and have managed to be roughly 50% under budget so far this month! We're out of a few staples now, like my favorite raw cheddar cheese (!!) so I can't wait to pick up our Azure Standard order on Wednesday!

Monday: leftover pinto and grass fed beef chili over brown rice and lettuce, small salad
Tuesday: whole wheat pancakes and fruit smoothies
Wednesday: Grilled chicken, steamed rice and steamed veggies
Thursday: Broccoli cheese and potato soup and homemade rolls
Friday: pizza night!
Saturday: grilled chicken salads using leftover chicken from Wednesday
Sunday: leftovers

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Steph (The Cheapskate Cook) said...

Way to go rockin' it with the pantry/freezer challenge! I've been in the mood for a taco-style beans and rice meal, and you're the second menu I've read with one this week. You might just inspire me to change my menu plan that I so carefully wrote out, haha.
(here from MPM)

ohkeeka said...

That soup looks so good. I love Skinnytaste! I really need to plan meals from the pantry next week because I've been spending way too much on groceries.

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