Farm vs. Store Bought Eggs

The two yolks on the right are from local organic, pasture raised chickens that roam meadows freely foraging for bugs and scraps. They receive supplementation with all natural vitamins and minerals such as seaweed as needed.

The yolk on the left is a 'cage free organic vegetarian fed' egg from the grocery store. Cage free doesn't mean farm raised it just means they are not confined to a cage and are fed organic grains like soy and corn.

Do you notice a difference?

My favorite farm raised eggs have yolks with a deep yellow/gold orange color and a rich flavor. The whites are solid and the yolks strong, they don't break or bleed easily like the pale yellow store yolk did. It also takes a fair bit of effort to crack the pasture egg open in the first place while the store bought eggs shatters easily and at least one will always 'explode' during boiling no matter how careful I am with them.

I have also noticed that the farm eggs, when scrambled will still have little pockets of orange floating on the top of the liquid, you know there has got to be all sorts of yummy good for you fatty acids in there that were not added by means of excessive supplementation!

Carotenoids (preliminary forms of vitamin A) such as lutein and canthaxanthin give golden yolks their color and also prevent the oxidation and destruction of vitamins and minerals in the egg. These caretenoids come from plants, bugs and sunshine. Industrial chickens are fed grains that are enriched with such substances to give them a darker apparence though obviously nothing will ever compare to a farm egg! 

Some (read: big corporations that farm chickens and their 'scientists') insist that a golden yolk is no healthier than a pale yellow yolk. I don't know, might be true, probably isn't though, I don't believe them. How can that be? We know that a deep green leafy vegetable is much better for you than a pale white vegetable or even a pale green one.

I do believe though that a chicken laying sturdy eggs with golden orange yolks IS healthier than one laying eggs with pale yolks and flimsy shells. And that alone I will pay more for! They taste better too!


hiker mom said...

Where do you find the farm fresh eggs? Do you actually go to a local farm? This is very interesting.

Zaira said...

we get them delivered through our local organic vegetable CSA but we could go to the farm to pick them up if we had the time.

Check out Local Harvest for farms, orchards etc near you

hiker mom said...


krystimarie said...

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Em said...

The color difference really is diet based, but not necessarily better for you. The yolks from our chickens change through the seasons and with the age of the bird. The firmness of the whites and yolks are mostly due to age of egg. If you get farmer fresh, they're probably only a day or 2 old. Cage free eggs probably take closer to 3 days to a week to reach your fridge/table.

Your chicken lady.

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