2012 Food Challenge

One of our goals for 2012 is to spend less time at the grocery store and eating out and more time at our own table trying out fun new recipes and ideas. Between our garden, CSA and co-ops I am only going to the store once a week or less now; I used to go numerous times a week since we go through so much produce and it was required to catch the good clearance deals on organic items, not any more though!

We are making a list of things we would like to make (and master?) in 2012, some we have tried before and need a little tweaking, others are all new! Some are staples that we'd love to be able to eat again by making them organic or are foods from New Zealand that aren't available in the US and others are treats. OK, most of them are treats... here's the start of it:
1. Puff pastry for sausage rolls
2. Pop tarts
3. Mince pies
4. Pavlova

5. Tater tots
6. Granola bars
7. Knock-off Almond/coconut KIND bars
8. Fish fingers
9. Hamburger buns/hotdog buns
10. Cereal bars
11. Lamingtons

12. Doughnuts
13. Whole-wheat pita bread
14. Thin mints
15. Twix Bars
16. Black bean brownies
17. Milk arrowroot biscuit
18. Gingernuts
19. Dinner rolls
20. A good Thai curry
21. A good Indian curry
22. Sandwich bread
23. Refried beans
24. Perfect brown rice every time
25. Chicken nuggets
26. Homemade pasta

My husband is thinking about the last five foods that he would like added to the list. Stay tuned!


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