Jel Dessert All Natural 'Jello'

P and I came across Natural Desserts All Natural Jel Dessert today while looking for organic pectin at Whole Foods. P has had Jello maybe twice in his life before I banned it from my house but he remembers it and asked if we could get some when I told him what it was. He chose the Orange flavor of course!

Jel Dessert is vegan, gluten free and all natural with no artificial colors or flavors. One box costs $1.69 at Whole Foods. There are 4 servings in a box, each with 80 calories, 0g fat and 20g of carbs/sugar.

The ingredients of the orange flavored jel are: evaporated cane juice, vegetable gum, adipic acid, potassium citrate, natural flavor and beta carotene. I knew what all of those are besides the adipic acid. A quick google showed that the CSPI has adipic acid on their safe list and after a little more research I am OK with it in small amounts; we won't be living off this 'Jello' - it's just a treat! So we got to it!

One box of the jel powder is mixed with 2 cups of boiling water.

The powder dissolved pretty easily and we popped it in the fridge. Less than 2 hours later it was set! They do say on the box that it sets faster than regular gelatin desserts

 And we dug in!

We all thought it was very flavorful, definately very 'orangey'! Yummy! It had the smooth texture we expected, no weird chunks or gritty bits. It also does not form the film on top and/or on the bottom like Jello does.

All in all we were very impressed and can't wait to try the strawberry and raspberry too! On our 'acceptable alternative' meter we gave it a 8 or 9 out of 10. We'd give it a 10 if there were more flavors available and if it were organic.


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