Resolution #1 - Declutter

"Cut the clutter! Clutter makes me angry and stressed out. It also collects dust. Not that I dust. Going to make an effort to simplify and organize all areas; closets, kitchen, office, sewing room, playroom, bathrooms and bedrooms..."

How do I do this? I think I am going to break it down into smaller goals and 'to-do's. FlyLady might also help? Donate, sell, toss or re-home things we don't need, use and/or love.

Need to work on:
Master Closet - reduce the amount of clothing in our closet, do I wear it more than once a year? Do I love it? Does it fit? I may also adopt some of these ideas outlined by my friend Amy over at Journey Mum

Master bathroom - do we use all of those beauty products in the cupboard? are any of them expired or mostly empty?

Master bedroom - remove all the stuff that has accumulated in there; it's an easy place to dump stuff you don't want visitors to see. I would also love to decorate a little, make it more 'us'; your bedroom should be a sanctuary away from every day life, ours has a giant box of crystal glasses in it right now and piles of clothes...

Entryway - is there a way to better organize this so the dresser by the door doesn't just become a dumping ground for the mail and everything else? a mail organizer? what is in all those drawers -- do we use it all?

Loungeroom - are all the toys in here really necessary? can they be moved elsewhere or organized better? We really need a media center, we are going to build one this year!

Office - needs a desk and a computer chair first of all. This room will be both of our offices and my co-op packing room. How can I store boxes and packing materials most effectively? do I need ALL of it or can I reduce it all a little? what's in the closet? can some of the furniture be better used elsewhere?

Butler's pantry - another flat space that collects junk. Clear it out!

Kitchen - do we use everything? do we have two of something? can items taking up counter space be put in a cupboard? how can I best organize my pantry?

Laundry room - how can I arrange the room to make it more space and time efficient? what would make doing laundry easier/better? I hate doing laundry...

Guest Bathroom/s - what's in the drawers/cupboards? do we NEED all of those towels?

Playroom - how can we make cleaning up easier for P? does he play with the toys/books in there? can one have too many books? has he outgrown any of the toys? store them for future kids or...?

P's room - well, not much in there to clutter up. Needs some shelving and toys for 'quiet time' on no-nap days. What about clothing? too much, too little? too small? sell, donate, toss?

Sewing room - how can I organize all my fabric and keep it clean but easy to get to? everything else? what would make sewing easier; work flow, access to needed items etc? do I NEED and use it all?

I have a lot to accomplish this year. I had better get started! Right after a nap... we didn't get to bed until 3am this morning ;)


Jamie said...

Your list is a lot like mine! Good luck and take some pics for us.

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