How To Earn MORE Swagbucks!

I've been thinking of doing a post like this for a while so here it is!

Most of you probably already know what Swagbucks is but for those who don't; it is a rewards site that gives you 'bucks' for searching, shopping and completing offers. 450 points = $5 gift card, the most popular reward on the site by far. There are lots of ways to earn swagbucks:

Daily points - each gives you one SB a day for a total of 4
Daily Poll - answer an easy question and earn a buck
Surveys - just checking your survey spot gives you 1 buck. No completing surveys necessary
Daily Swaggertunity - click on the orange 'Start Earning' and hit skip until you reach the end and are awarded a buck!
Toolbar - download and install the toolbar, you will be awarded 1 buck daily when you first open your browser

Search - you should win at least twice a day
Download the toolbar and use it for all your search needs. I also use it to search for the website I need to go to instead of typing the address into the URL bar at the top of the browser. I usually win in the morning and the evening, maybe 2-3 times a day total

Swagcodes -  these are released almost daily and give random amounts. Sometimes you have to search for them, sometimes you don't. Download the widget and check it regularly to see if a code is out

Surveys - check your survey inbox regularly!
Not only do you get 1 SB just for checking your survey inbox but you can also make some good bucks if you qualify and complete a survey! Answer the questions honestly and don't rush through them. A lot of surveys will kick you out if you move through the questions too quickly as they think you are not answering honestly and completely, so take your time

Swagbucks TV
This is one of my new favorite earning opportunities. There are lots of funny videos to watch. You are randomly awarded swagbucks at the end of the videos; I get 3 or 4 rewards a day at 5 swagbucks a piece.

Shopping - earn bucks for shopping through the links on the Swagbucks website. A good deal if you don't belong to any other shop and earn websites like I do.

Special Offers - sign up for free special offers and get bucks!
These are one of my favorite ways to earn bucks and try new programs and offers! It is by far my best earner. There are 5 different offer walls; Gambit, Tapjoy, Trialpay, gWallet and Super Rewards as well as the main offer wall at the top of the page

You will want to create a new email address so your personal or business email address is not bombarded with spam. I have not had it happen but you never know! Also, use a credit or debit card with a low balance/limit and good fraud protection, just in case; all the offers I have completed have been through BBB accredited and reputable companies and I haven't had any issues with charges but just in case :) I use my PayPal debit card. Also, be aware that a lot of the companies will charge 0.01 to $1 to your card to check that it is a valid number. This charge will disappear and always has for me.

Another secret is to set your computer's or cell phone's calendar to remind you to cancel free trial offers before you are charged. And ALWAYS take a screenshot of an offer completion confirmation in case your points are not awarded as they should be - doing this has saved me so much trouble and saved me so many bucks! Ctrl + PrtSc will take a screenshot, then open 'Paint' and hit Ctrl + V to paste it. Save with the name of the wall the offer was on and how many SBs it was worth and you're good to go. Also be sure to save all welcome emails.

Offerwall - this is the grid you see when you go to the 'Special Offers' page. The offer walls are further down this page but there are some great offers to be found in this area too!
~ 7 day free trial of Equifax will tell you your credit score and earn you 960 bucks! - that's almost $10!
~ if you haven't already, signing up for a Netflix free trial will earn you 531 bucks
~ an Identity Guard free trial will also tell you your credit score and you'll earn another 960 bucks - another $10!
~ sign up for the free Weather email and get 11 SBs
~ download the toolbar for 12 SBs
~ sign up for the Cool Savings email and for My Coke Rewards and earn 23 and 11 SBs respectively

I could go on and on! Check the 'free' tab and see what else you can find!

gWallet - has videos almost daily that you can watch for bucks. A lot of them you can watch more than once a day for anywhere between 2-8 bucks for each viewing. Find them by clicking on the gWallet 'Free' tab and looking throughout the pages. Make sure you have all necessary media programs installed

TrialPay - also has videos under the 'video' tab. They are not refreshed as often as gWallet's and are usually worth 1 SB a piece. This wall also has all the daily deal sites on it so if you are someone that purchases from sites like Groupon be sure to click through the link in TrialPay found under the 'Local Deals' tab

Tapjoy - is another wall. Check out the 'free' tab reguarly. Right now there are some good free offers available, though you will find the following under the 'All' tab - they have stars next to them instead of 'free' images, use Ctrl + F to search the page you are on
~ sign up for a free 30 day MyFax trial for 408 bucks. You will not be charged during the first 30 days.
~ free 7 day GameHouse trial for 510 bucks
~ create a new York Photo account, get 40 free prints and make a $5 purchase for 510 bucks. So you get a $5 amazon gift card and 60 extra points - gotta love free photos!

Gambit - also has a lot of good free trial offers:
~ Blue Mountain e-card free trial to earn 240 bucks
~ want to build a website or blog? Homestead free trial will earn you 150 swagbucks

Super Rewards:
~ signing up for the Home Depot email through their 'free' tab will get you 21 swagbucks
~ also has videos occasionally under the 'video' tab

I will be updating this post as more good free trials are added. I hope this helps you make some extra bucks and cash in for more rewards next month. Just don't forget to set a cancel reminder and take screenshots of all completed offers! I'd love to hear about it so feel free to share your successes here!


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