Making Toddler Shorts out of Men's Shorts

This *should* have been easy but I had to pick a pair of shorts with odd pocket placement which meant I misjudged the amount of space needed for the elastic and well... you can see for yourself

I started with these, some of J's old shorts he has shrunk out of:

3 hours later I present to you: P's new shorts. Well, hopefully, we'll see how they look on LOL

BACK - see the odd pockets? yeah, I thought they'd be a cool addition, not so much LOL If I had had just a *little* more room for the elastic I think we would have been good. Should have done a straight stitch instead of zig zag when I sewed the pockets closed a bit.

These two tutorials were my inspiration:
Knee Pad Pants
Re-purposed: Boy's Pants

Oh well, you learn from these things don't you? Hopefully I have inspired someone else to give this sort of thing a try too! (choose pants/shorts without crazy pockets!). And now I know what to do and what not to do next time, since I happen to have a bunch of denim waiting for me.


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