Introducing Baby Q

The last time I posted I was asking for freezer meals to cook for after our little girl arrived. The freezer meals are now long gone and this new mama of two has her hands full!

Meet our beautiful little girl.

She was born at home on September 30th weighing 8lb 6oz after just 3 hours of spontaneous active (posterior!) labor 2 days after her 'due date'! Our days since have been filled with naps, nursing, snuggles, smiles and just recently, giggles!

Definitely worth the wait! We are all so in love.

Preparing for Baby: Freezer Meals

With the end of September quickly approaching I'm starting to seriously think about preparing for this little girl's arrival.

At the top of my list of things to organize is GOOD FOOD! We all need it, especially me as I will be recovering from giving birth and breastfeeding while chasing around a 4.5 year old who also has a LARGE appetite!

Already in the freezer so far:
~ 2 meals (for the 3 of us) + a couple lunches worth of grass fed beef and pinto bean chili - just add rice
~ 2 or 3 meals worth of grassfed beef meatballs
~ 2 loaves zucchini bread
~ 2 meals of bolagnaise spaghetti sauce
~ a couple lunch portions of butternut squash soup 
~ balls of pizza dough 

~ tortillas

And that's it so far. I also plan on making a baked chicken penne dish and maybe some of my favorite rice casserole but I need more ideas.

Do you have any favorite freezer meals that are healthy, filling and affordable to put together (so NOT lasagna!)??

KIRC Week Two: Unfinished Projects!

Have any unfinished projects around your house? I do! A LOT of them. But I had to choose just one this week and my poor neglected coffee table is the winner.

I built this beautiful table LAST summer. Put it together quickly and was so proud of it! Sanded it and then I stained it.

And it looks AWFUL. And a second...third... and fourth coat didn't help.

So I tried to sand it off but it made my hand hurt and I only got one leg done. Yes, it was an electric sander.

Now it waits for my husband who says he will paint it for me. He actually finishes what he starts.... he put new shelves in our hall closet this weekend. In ONE DAY! I know, I am impressed too!

DIY Fabric Storage Unit

My wonderful husband built and installed these shelves for me for Mother's Day. AND he painted them purple because it's my favorite color <3 Aren't they gorgeous?

The shelves are made entirely of 1 x 12s and are roughly 5 1/2 by 5/12 ft with shelves/cubbies of alternating sizes. Having the shelving staggered makes it easier to quickly nail each divider in without having to worry about installing another directly on top or below.

He attached the shelf to the wall studs using brackets and left enough space above and below for scrap boxes and other storage. There is even a little nook between the wall and the side of the unit for my ironing board to be stored nicely in too! As soon as I get it out of my dining room...

All my fabric used to be in boxes and plastic tubs, I never could find what I was looking for and wasn't all that inspired to go digging through it all. Now I can see all the fun prints and colors I have all nicely stacked and folded. It makes me happy to just stand and look at it all! It also stops me from buying the same fabric twice (which I have done more than once because I forgot what version/color I had!)

KIRC Week One: The Ugliest Thing in Our House

I'm keepin' it real with my buddy Jamie this week. She started a fun weekly challenge and this week she asks us to share the ugliest thing in our house with the world. You've been warned.

This week was a toss up between my crap counter in the kitchen.... two of the things in the pile actually belong there. The rest? Not so much

and my carpet.

The carpet wins. I see it every day and every single time I look down I cringe. I hate it. 

Who's bright idea was it to fill this house with WHITE carpet? we vacuum, don't wear muddy shoes in the house and have even tried steam cleaning it and nothing! It's ridiculous. These random, and not so random stains just keep showing up. I don't know what some of them are or where they come from... 

others... I know exactly what the others are.:

Chocolate. Courtesy of a bunch of grubby chocolate chip cookie eating playgroup kiddos (but mostly my child)

Coffee. Courtesy of my husband. I came out one morning and my darling husband said to me 'don't believe a word P says'. After he had gone to work P says to me 'daddy fell asleep on the couch and spilled coffee all over the floor'  Ah! I was wondering why the couch smelled like that... and by the time I knew it was too late to really do anything about it.

And the little pieces of orange thrown in there? freaking silly putty... comes off walls and tile nicely... carpet? nope. Not. A. Chance.

This is the first (and last) house I have ever had carpet in and I can't wait to rip it up and replace it with wood!

Sew Your Own Fitted Diapers ~ Rainy Days Diaper Pattern

If you're looking to sew your own stash of cloth diapers and like the idea of one-size diapers but not the bulk the Rainy Days Diaper Pattern might be for you!

The Rainy Days Diaper Pattern is sold by EmPem Creations on Etsy. She doesn't currently have anymore listed but I bet if you send her a message she'll list one for you! 

I was really impressed with this pattern. It comes in 2 sizes, offering the convenience of a one-size system without the bulk.

Size 1 fits babies roughly 6-18lbs and size 2 goes from 15 to 35lbs. I made six size 1 diapers this weekend for our newbie on the way.

The diapers themselves are very quick to put together and seem to be very trim fitting. They are narrower through the crotch than other patterns I have tried which is especially great for newbies!The diaper on the right is a size 1 snapped down to the newborn rise setting while the one on the left is more of a small rise setting (both size 1)

The rise is adjusted using snaps on the front of the diaper 

If you don't have access to a snap press or just can't be bothered with snaps (which I can't be sometimes) you can make the diapers out of a fabric like bamboo terry or sherpa that can be held together with a snappi - velours and flannels do not snappi but you could use pins if desired

Snappiable fitteds like the one above actually have a higher level of adjustability/are more customizable than those with snaps or velcro so they may fit longer than those with set sizing settings

The soaker can be made into either a snap-in soaker or just left as a lay in soaker. I prefer simple lay in soakers as I have found that fabric quality around the snaps can be compromised if the soaker is left attached during washing and I am not one to remember to separate the two! I also think it is more comfortable for baby to not have snaps in the back of the diaper.

If you're just learning how to sew diapers this is a great pattern for you. The included instructions are extremely thorough and have lots of photos; I was excited to learn something new from them too and now have a foolproof way of serging diapers and inserts perfectly every time! And to top it off the pattern is only $8! I have paid way more for patterns that I don't think I like nearly as much as this one.

Aren't they cute!?!

Opinions expressed in this post are my own. I didn't receive anything to write this post, I found and paid for the diaper pattern myself; I just thought there might be other mamas out there looking for a good diaper pattern and was excited to share!

Water Balloon Bullseye

Would you believe that my (almost) 5 year old has never seen or thrown a water balloon before? I realise that I'm pretty much a failure as a mother!

So imagine his delight when he found that they explode AND get you wet!

We drew a simple target on the driveway and had a blast trying to hit the center (and actually get them to pop. Those suckers were surprisingly bouncy!)

 Thanks to Motherhood On A Dime for sharing this idea and to whoever originally pinned it. We'll definitely be playing again! If only they filled themselves...
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